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This is going to be very short and sweet, folks.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE A CURRENT PASSPORT. The price has been rising rapidly, but at least they’re valid for 10 years.

Whether you plan to travel occasionally or never at all (shame on you!), as an actor, it is your responsibility to maintain a passport at all times. More and more productions are shooting outside the United States. You might be cast in something today and told you’re leaving for Siberia the day after tomorrow.

Not without a passport, you aren’t!

Besides which, it’s an ideal form of identification.

Although it can take several weeks or months for the passport to arrive, they are really quite easy to obtain, either in person (at a U.S. Post Office or Federal Building) or by mail. The following link will provide everything you need to get started.

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Kris Malone is the nom de plume of a longtime Hollywood talent agent. Kris created this website as a way for actors to improve their chances of making it in Hollywood, not as a way to reach the agency for possible representation. Kris wishes all of you actors out there the best of luck, laced with a big dose of reality and plain old common sense.

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