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Extra! Extra!If you’re rolling in dough and want to also get the other side of the Hollywood story (meaning not just from the actor’s standpoint), it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to either Daily Variety or the Hollywood Reporter. These are designed more for producers, directors, agents, etc., but there’s no reason a well-educated actor shouldn’t read them occasionally, too. You really don’t need both, though; they pretty much duplicate the news.

For news about Los Angeles itself – which you really should be familiar with if you intend to become an Angeleno – read the Los Angeles Times online. It’s a good way to begin figuring out which part of this enormous city you may eventually want to settle in. Of course, the old saying, “If it bleeds, it leads” has become a truism for our once-beloved Times, so always keep in mind that most of the crime reports will center on certain areas that are really unsafe. You wouldn’t want to live there anyway, because 99.9% of those areas are too far removed from where you need to be anyway.

A “bonus” feature of the online version of this paper is: It’s FREE.

While we’re suggesting reading material, how about keeping up with the current trends by thumbing through the occasional “in fashion” or “people watcher” magazines – and guys, that means you, too! It can’t hurt to know what your peers are up to, even if you have no intention of following suit (no pun intended – well, maybe just a little!). Some trends should be avoided like the plague, but if you hope to “fit in” in the eyes of the casting community, you should at least be aware of what your competition is doing. Can’t afford to keep shelling out for magazines? Then try your local library (remember those?). They carry a lot of them.

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Kris Malone is the nom de plume of a longtime Hollywood talent agent. Kris created this website as a way for actors to improve their chances of making it in Hollywood, not as a way to reach the agency for possible representation. Kris wishes all of you actors out there the best of luck, laced with a big dose of reality and plain old common sense.

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