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Tallest Actor In Hollywood Books National TV Commercial

Tallest Actor In Hollywood - Mark CubanTallest Actor In Hollywood has booked a commercial with Mark Cuban, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo, Michael Finley and Oden Polynice.  The commercial was filmed in Dallas, Texas.  Tallest Actor In Hollywood operates a top ranked website  you can visit at This is his 27th TV commercial. Because of the names involved in this commercial, hopes are high this TV commercial will go national. More photos from the set and some videos will be added to the actor’s website soon.

The Tallest Actor In Hollywood – yes, folks, that’s how he bills himself – is a 7′ tall near-genius from Serbia, who arrived in the U.S. in his late teens thanks to guess what: a basketball scholarship to a small East Coast university. This occurred in the midst of the terrible civil war taking place in his homeland at the time. He remained at the university and eventually earned his master’s degree in business. He soon moved to Hollywood to further an unexpected career in film and television, which began in 1997, when he was hired for a speaking role in “The Sixth Man”,  followed shortly (no pun intended) by “Celtic Pride”.

The man is a natural, with a personality as large as he is tall, and he soon found himself auditioning for and booking film, television and commercial roles on a regular basis. At the same time, he opened a successful marketing and advertising company, Attention Interactive, which keeps him busy when he isn’t acting.

“I do not portray only basketball players,” he assures us. “But I must admit my height plays a factor, both negative and positive, in the roles I go out for. I am too tall for most normal roles. Can you imagine me playing opposite Tom Cruise or Scott Caan, for example? The camera would never be able to get both of us in the same shot!” He laughs as he continues, “On the other hand, any time they need a guy who towers over everyone else, particularly if he’s funny, they bring me in to read.”

We asked if he had any advice for other unusual actors.

“Listen,” he said, “if you are unique in some way, like I am, play to that strength. You may not get as many opportunities, but when you do, if you’re well-prepared, you will shine!”

He also advises foreign-born actors to work on reducing their accents. Although he still has a very slight accent, he speaks perfect English. At a recent lunch in a Chinese restaurant, where he is known by the staff, he was helping one waiter with his pronunciation of American English. Pretty soon, everyone at the table was helping, too. His enthusiasm is that infectious!

If you’re curious to learn more about The Tallest Actor In Hollywood, check out his website, mentioned above.



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