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christmas-cake-2The holidays are once again peaking at us from around a corner and beckoning us to confess that we actually want/need/demand certain things from the people who love us.  Surely YOU don’t need any more coffee mugs, paperweights, or woolen scarves (you live in Hollywood, right?).  So, when someone actually asks you what you would like for your particular holiday or birthday, speak up!  Tell them you really need new headshots, or a super-duper acting class, or a new hairdo – something, anything to help further your acting career.  Ask them to spend whatever they might have spent on (excuse me) nonsense on a contribution for something you really, truly need – then be sure to use that money toward the thing they think they’re helping you attain.  Go on, now.  Just do it.  You’re an actor, aren’t you?  Then act like it.  Make Grandma proud and show her how she can help you.  Who knows?  She might give you another of her hand-made doilies anyway…as well as some Granny Bucks toward…well, who can tell?

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