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This is one of those “there are no excuses for this” posts.

How long would you allow mail to pile up in your home’s mailbox before emptying the box and retrieving it? Most intelligent people empty their mailboxes EVERY DAY, right?

Then why would an otherwise intelligent (we hope) actor allow voicemail to pile up without checking it at the very least once a day? Ditto his or her text messages, and/or emails?

Furthermore, why would an actor run around without his handy-dandy cell phone within constant reach?

Auditions, callbacks and (we hope) bookings now arrive at the unlikeliest times. If your reps can’t reach you, or worse yet, if the people who want to see or hire you can’t, WHAT IN THE BLUE BLAZES IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Think about it. I really don’t feel any further remarks from this corner are necessary, do you…?

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  1. If you have an agent or manager, you absolutely should not list your own phone number on the resume. THEY will know how to reach you, right? But if you don’t have either one, you must give people a way to find you quickly. I honestly don’t know how to avoid showing your phone number in that case. If anyone reading this has a suggestion, share, please. NOTE: I hope it goes without saying, but never, ever put your home address on your resume OR as a return address on the envelope, especially if you’re a parent and it’s your child being promoted. You would not believe how many idiots (sorry – but this is one instance where ignorance is not bliss!) put their home address on their kids’ resume AND the envelope in which they send it out.

  2. I was told by an NYC professional not to put my phone neubmr on my resume. If needed I can write it on the resume at an audition but, because, realistically speaking, half of the resumes I send out will probably/eventually be thrown in the trash, and you never know who could pick it up. more of a safety issue than scam issue. But your final points made me think of it.

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