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Every so often, I remind my clients that if they don’t read, they can’t participate: In conversation, in character development, in life in general.

I’m embarrassed on their behalf when I casually ask if they read about such-and-such in the paper, or a news magazine, or if they ever read a play in which they weren’t acting, or read a book just for the joy of reading, and their answer is a dumb stare and shake of the head. It really makes me wonder…

How can one hope to keep up if reading isn’t a top priority? Have you ever attended a dinner party and noticed that at least one person says virtually nothing (and let’s hope that isn’t YOU) during a lively conversation? How about the actor who doesn’t know who G.B.Shaw was? Or why Custer was an arrogant loser? Or…worse yet, where Afghanistan is!?! Betcha that silent non-participant is a non-reader.

For god’s sake, READ! Don’t be one of those ignoramouses who think that everything worth knowing comes from TV or (yes) even the internet. Don’t know which books to choose? Then read the book review section of your newspaper…you know, the newspaper you’re going to start reading today! I keep a list of books that sound interesting and get them little by little. Then I share – the books, my opinions about the books, and the knowledge that I may have gleaned from them.

Think about it. After all, you just read this, didn’t you…?

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