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Hollywood Passport is looking for interesting TRUE AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL stories – both “success” and “not such a success” – to share with actors (and others) around the world.  If you have a story about your adventures in Hollywood, we’d love to see it.  No b.s., please – just the truth.  We will publish your story here, if we feel it will interest our readers.  Be sure to include a recent color headshot (jpeg) and your resume in pdf format.  (If we publish your story, your resume will be included, so make sure it only shows the contact information you wish to “share”.  NO home phones or addresses, or we will not use it.)

We are NOT accepting fiction, folks, nor opinion pieces for this column.

NOTE:  We will edit out any typos, but will not otherwise alter any stories submitted to us.  By submitting to Hollywood Passport, you are giving us permission to post your personal, autobiographical story on this website.  Hollywood Passport does not guarantee that all stories will be published and reserves the right to refuse publication of submitted materials.

AND AN EVEN MORE LEGALESE-TYPE NOTE:  All submitted stories become the non-exclusive property of and its principals.  Stories will not be returned once submitted. Once published, requests for stories to be removed from may be made via email:, though the decision to remove any and all stories are made at the sole discretion of and its principals.

Now, where else can you get this kind of free publicity…?!

Send your story (in Word, NOT pdf), + headshot jpeg + resume pdf to:


  1. We are not looking for scripts or fiction. If you have a true-life experience to share with other actors, email it to us at Thank you!

  2. we have a very strong story to a hollywood this is amazing story

  3. Ameer – Sorry, but we are NOT looking for fiction. The only stories we want are TRUE STORIES about actors’ experiences in Hollywood. That is clearly stated on our website. Thank you anyway. – Editor

  4. I’ve a Thriller, Adventures and Action story .
    Is there any charges edit script if had like typos errors and to publish the directors ?

  5. We’d love to hear about your experiences in Hollywood, Bernadette! I will email you with instructions.

  6. Bernadette Blaquera

    I woud like to send a story, how will I know if you responded?

  7. Sanket – I tried to email you, but your address no longer works. If you see this, please try again.

  8. Thank you for asking, but I’m afraid we ONLY accept articles that relate to your real life experiences in Hollywood. Look at the other SUCCESS STORIES on this site and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck with your story!

    – Editor

  9. Hello Admin Of this Web….

    I have A Superb story …

  10. Name of my hollywood story is “Species Creator”. To know my story kindly mail me on my mail address i.e. sanket.sgholap@gmail. com!!

  11. Good question! Provided your personal story is about your experience as an actor in Hollywood – good, bad, or indifferent – we will proof it, correct any typos and edit out any obvious errors. We will then post it in the appropriate section, along with your headshot and resume, which you must provide. You can then show it to whomever you like – agents, casting directors, your great aunt in Mumbai, anyone! If that suits you, we would love to hear your story.

  12. Gurjant Singh Dhillon

    Could you tell me that if i send my story to you,what would you do with it.
    would it be sellected by Hollywood agencies ????
    how they contact with me ?????

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