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The Actor's Passport to Hollywood

As everyone knows, before you can enter a new country, a passport is required. The passport itself does not provide transportation, nor maps to places you’ve never been, nor lodging, food or clothing. No education; no financial aid; no new friends. The passport merely allows you to cross over into new territory and back again.

To most non-Angelenos, Hollywood might just as well be a “foreign country”. Even people who move here from, say, Bakersfield or San Diego (only a couple of hours away) find it a maze of unknowns, often difficult to navigate, both literally and figuratively. For most actors, however, Hollywood is not thought of as foreign; it’s “the promised land”, the place they strive to reach by hook or by crook.

This site, which you so cleverly discovered, is meant to serve as your passport to the actor’s life in Hollywood. Before you delve any further into it, we would like to make our “mission” clear. No need wasting anyone’s time – this may very well NOT be what you were searching for. That being said…

– IF you are an actor living somewhere other than Hollywood…

– IF you have ever dreamed of pursuing an acting career, but didn’t have a clue how to begin…

– IF you are scared to death of scams and/or the myriad ways in which strangers seem to want to relieve you of your cash…

– IF you think you are ready, yet are totally unprepared (two different things!) to make the move to Hollywood…

– IF you are already living in Hollywood, but feel like a fish out of water, because no one ever bothered to tell you how things really work here…

…then this may very well be the place for you.

We have over 20 years experience as Hollywood talent agents. We are sick and tired of seeing Hollywood “hopefuls” being stripped of both their hard-earned cash and their dignity, due almost exclusively to a lack of knowledge about how show business really works.

Ignorance may be bliss, but not for very long. A person cannot know what he does not know. In other words, you may not know what questions to ask and therefore, the answers to those very important questions will remain a mystery for far too long, costing you both time and money. This site is designed to provide you with both the pertinent questions and their answers.

Because we want nothing from you and because we have no interest in representing you (whoever you may be), we have constructed this site anonymously. The only thing you will have to invest here is your trust that we are, indeed, very knowledgeable about the actor’s life in Hollywood. Most of the information we intend to impart can be easily checked for its accuracy by you. We have absolutely nothing to gain by sharing misinformation, so why would we bother?

Our opinions, on the other hand, are just that: Opinions. But bear in mind that they are opinions that have been developed over many years of observing the good, the bad, and the just plain stupid behavior of literally thousands of actors. If we can prevent just one person reading this from losing his or her shirt (or even fifty bucks!), it’ll be worth all the time and effort we are putting into this site. If we can help even one truly talented person attain his or her goals as an actor, all the better.

We are in this business because we happen to adore actors. Yes, they can and often do drive us nuts, yet they are still the most alive, creative, quirky and interesting people we have ever encountered. That shouldn’t come as any surprise to you, since you, yourself (if you’ve gotten this far on this page) are either an aspiring actor, an accomplished actor, a concerned relative, or merely someone who finds actors to be as fascinating as we do!

So…if you are in need of demystification and clarification of the acting field in Hollywood (some of what you learn here can also be applied to New York and Chicago, etc., but it will almost always refer specifically to Hollywood), then please consider this ever-evolving site as your passport to a better, more informed career in Tinseltown. If nothing else…

Your dreams are welcome here!

About Kris Malone

Kris Malone is the nom de plume of a longtime Hollywood talent agent. Kris created this website as a way for actors to improve their chances of making it in Hollywood, not as a way to reach the agency for possible representation. Kris wishes all of you actors out there the best of luck, laced with a big dose of reality and plain old common sense.


  1. Thanks for finally talking about > THE ACTOR’S PASSPORT TO HOLLYWOOD | HollywoodPassport.Net < Liked it!

  2. Interesting question, Charlie. Or I should say, a couple of questions!

    If you never actually joined SAG (now called SAG-AFTRA), you will definitely be starting from scratch. You must have been Taft-Hartleyed on “Jessie”, but if you didn’t join AND continue paying dues for the past 40 years, it doesn’t count. Just to make sure, call the membership department at the union, give them your social security number, and ask what, if any, status you have today: (323) 549-6769.

    As for websites, my advice is to keep it simple and easy to navigate. A variety of your current headshots, your resume and the video you’re creating are the basics, obviously, If you have links to new work, put those up. No need to show or say anything too personal. No one cares if you have a dozen kids, or went to Thailand on vacation, or…you get the idea. Stick to your career, nothing more.
    Also, be sure to update it every so often and use tags, such as actor, Hollywood, theater, etc.

    Finally, thanks for the compliment and good luck!

    – Editor

  3. I was in one episode of Jessie starring Lindsey Wagner, in 1982. I had a few lines. I still have my pay stub and documentation from the work. I am just now rentering the acting world. Would I still qualify for a SAG card?

    I am creating my own website with my audition pieces. What does my website need in order to be in order and competitive?

    I love your website and would greatly appreciate your advise.

  4. i am 14 years old and always i wanna be a actor drama,music that’s my dream
    and i hope someday my dream comes true
    and i love Hollywood and i cant wait see someday really Hollywood how there Paradise look like

  5. i love the way this site thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow. This is very interesting and very brave. Not knowing who you or your clients are…are you sure you want to post this for all to see? Including Mr. Breakdowns?

  7. My client wants to know – and now I do too : And I quote :
    “Aren’t the ‘Breakdowns’ – exactly that – a breakdown in democracy? How is it even legal that in the USA – Studios/Producers and Agents can collude so thoroughly that actors are not “allowed’ to know what JOBS are available in OUR OWN FIELD? Can most producers/studio heads act? can they write a script? Do they compose music? Why do we beg for jobs? And why do we put our power in the hands of middle-men and women who call ‘their’ talent – a ‘stable.?’
    I think it is {2 actors, names deleted by Editor} are finally challenging the collusion and truly unconstitutional practices of an industry that is not only – not ours – but for which we pine and hope and sweat and cry about – only to be treated as though we should feel grateful if a casting director calls us in. What qualifies casting directors? Who says “Breakdowns” should be only for Agents and Studios? This is America folks, and actors are citizens too. How can we put Producers of Good faith, willing to honour the fact that we have a union which may not be perfect – but at least treats us like citizens – with Actors and Writers and Directors and musicians and crew : You know,
    the people that MAKE the product we hand over to THEM to sell as they treat US all like “extras.” Extra What? This is OUR field : let’s claim it and let’s take care of each other.

  8. Are you kidding? Have you read this entire website? I suppose, since it’s geared to people who are already in the midst of an acting career, beginner or otherwise, you might not actually find a direct answer to your particular question. In a nutshell: No matter where you live or how old you are, search out acting teachers and/or schools with drama departments. Every little town across the country either has those or is close enough to a town that does to make it possible to study acting. If you’re under 18, audition for every school, local, church and regional play you can find. Offer to exchange services (such as set-building or ticket-selling) for acting classes, if need be. Then read this website…again.

    Good luck!

    The Editor

  9. I would love to get into Acting, its my dream! How can I go about this?

  10. This article is essential to anyone thinking of “making the move” to start a career in this industry. These steps will allow you to examine yourself and where you are in the process of moving. To be honest, I wished that I could say that I am ready to pack up and head out, but the reality of it is that maybe I can get out there, but how am I going to make it on a part-time job at Office Depot and payments on a car that I can barely handle myself? Dreams and goals are suppose to be big and the sky is the limit, and you may be able to blast off, but how are you going to keep from crashing back into the ground? A grounded, “level head”, as my father would say, is something that’s needed to get to where you are going. Dream big, but then use common sense to get there.

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