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THE CRUCIBLE” still holds it own.

Arthur Miller’s not-so-subtle jab at McCarthyism in his 1952 masterpiece, “The Crucible”, still packs a frightening and emotional wallop.  L.A. hasn’t seen a production of this piece in a long, long time, but at the Lillian Theatre, director and star Bill Voorhees gives it a masterful rendition.  When I say “star”, I should qualify that by stating that the role of John Proctor wouldn’t be half as powerful if it weren’t for the phenomenal cast of characters that surround him.

There are far too many excellent actors in this production and that makes it truly difficult to single any out…but you know I will!  Jessicah Neufeld as the insanely evil Abigail Williams is a standout and the casting world should take note of this budding beauty.  David Ross Paterson is the most hateful “judge” imaginable and oh! such a pro!  Also rendering superb, if smaller, roles are Lynn Odele as Rebecca Nurse, Doug Burch as Giles Corey and a little girl, aged 10, who is simply phenomenal as the possessed daughter of Rev. Parris:  Grace Kaufman.  There are more, but time does not permit.

The play closes this weekend.  My apologies for not reviewing it earlier.

– K. Malone

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