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By Zack Hoffman

Tuxedo Man” is a one-man show written and performed by a Canadian-turned Angeleno-turned Seattleite named Zach Hoffman. He recently took this show about a used-up, has-been lounge singer on the road and our intrepid reporter, Pat Lach (a longtime, very savvy Hollywood actress, who recently relocated to Oregon), was fortunate enough to catch it in Portland.  Pat reports:

Tuxedo Man” was REALLY VERY GOOD!!  AND…as I told the star afterwards…WHAT A SET OF PIPES!!  Can that man sing!!! He had everyone in the audience shout out their favorite song, then sang a medley of so many “golden goodies” – club songs – that I couldn’t count them.

The material covered all the emotional bases and included audience participation.  What a treat to get a one-person show at a level of competence and talent that is more than worth the ticket price!!

L.A. “one man shows” have much to learn from him!  Oh, and the accents for each of his characters, along with the voice/pitch alterations…enviable!

Didn’t have a chance to ask, but HOPE he takes it to LA – lots of stuff for our “vintage” to appreciate about those that are “gone!” (one of the tag words on several references), places that are “gone”, and some (Cantor’s, Micelli’s) that are still there.

He wrote this piece and it took him 5-6 yrs. Well worth it!  The guy is amazing and really needs to be seen/heard in bigger venues!

Pat Lach

June 2010


For more information on future venues, call Zack at 206-353-4044 or go to

NOTE FROM EDITOR: Even though Portland is NOT “Hollywood”, the lesson to be learned from this is that sometimes, an actor just has to create his own opportunities.Think about it…

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